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This website presents my interest in photography and birdwatching. Majority of the pictures were taken by digiscoping, i.e. mounting a digital camera on a spotting scope.This technique gives the possibility to have high focal length, bigger than 2 000 mm, and thus, decrease the approach distance of the animal.

Phylogenetic tree of birds
"Protists to avians"

By clicking on the above picture, you will watch a simplified representation of the phylogenetic tree of birds.
This pages have been done with the software Inxight Star Tree Studio and the information found on the regretted website It is not the aim of this presentation to introduce the complete view of the history of birds. My goal is to show a simple view of the slow evolution of the wildlife, from the first cells to the more developped pluri-cellular animals.

To browse these pages, click-slide to open the branches of the tree. Left click centers the square selected on the page. Most of the squares are active, and lead by double-click to a page describing the clade selected on the website of the Museum of Paléontology of the University of California, Berkeley : The squares*synapsida* and *reptilia* link to the following of the phylogenetic tree.
If you are interested in thisthis subject, check this website
: The dinosauricon.

This website has no scientific value, It is just a personal website,
not validated by a specialist of this scientific field (classification/phylogény/cladistic).
If you notice any mistakes, send me a mail to correct the data as soon as possible.

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Pictures in this website are free of right, if it is for non-commercial purpose.
If you use one of my pictures, let me know about it,and cite my name on the document, please.
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